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Welcome to your Quiz: Social Influences on Giving

What psychological construct is at the core of the social giving model?
True or False? In order to call an environment an individual’s social environment, not an individual’s societal environment, s/he must personally know all members of this environment.
Under what circumstance, would one’s identification with a nonprofit organization have the maximum effect on changing one’s behavior?
What is the process through which the self-concept regulates human behavior?
According to the academic research cited in the text, the needy should be depicted as individuals who need enabling to escape from their poverty in which kind of culture?
Which type of human needs do informational social influence techniques fulfil?
In which one of the following scenarios would informational social influence techniques have the maximum effect on changing people’s behavior?
According to the information provided in the text about social influence, fundraisers should use the social information from which percentile of the organization’s past contributions in order to increase donations?
According to the information provided by the text about donors’ social networks, which one of the following techniques can be used by fundraisers to increase donations?
What is the basis for human identifications?
In order for one’s belonging to a certain social category to shape one’s behavior, which of the following should occur?

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