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Welcome to your Quiz: Public Trust and Confidence

The drivers of trust in an organization highlighted by Sargeant and Lee are:
According to the work of Paul C Light, what percentage of American society now have ‘not too much’ or ‘no confidence at all’ in nonprofits?
True or False? Trust is derived from the knowledge that one knows what to expect in a situation and that one has the ability to impose sanctions should this expectation not be met.
Schlesinger et al (2004) argue that there are three key causes of the decline in public trust in the sector. These are:
To achieve the Better Business Bureau Seal of Approval it is necessary for a nonprofit to demonstrate that they do not spend more than a certain percentage of their (related) income on fundraising. What is this percentage?
Which of the following is not one of the common misconceptions highlighted by Saxton (2004)?
Which of the following is not a theme adopted by the ImpACT Coalition?
True or False? According to the Institute of Fundraising in London charities ought not to make statements such as ‘all of your £1 goes direct to the cause’ or ‘our fundraising does not cost us anything’ or imply that fundraising does not cost anything.
In the Charity Navigator assessment schema charities are awarded up to ten points for various aspects of their performance. How many points would a ‘general’ charity score for its fundraising expenses where the percent of total functional expenses spent on fundraising was 26%?

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