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Welcome to your Quiz: Major Gift Fundraising

True or False? A major donor is defined as a donor giving over $5000 a year or more.
Which of the following is not a distinguishing characteristic of major gift fundraising?
True or False? Lower-income US households are relatively more generous with their household income than upper income households.
Which of the following is NOT a finding of the Center on Philanthropy/Bank of America study?
According to the Bank of America study, which of the following is not a top reason cited for the termination of support?
True or False? According to Schervish, significant gifts accrue where donors explore for themselves and find the point of convergence where what needs to be done coincides with what they want to do.
Which of the following is NOT one of Prince and File’s seven faces of philanthropy?
How many of Sprinkel-Grace’s ten step approach to major gift fundraising involve asking for money?
The likelihood of an individual making a donation will be a function of
In preparing a gift range chart, the first two gifts of the campaign are set to …% of the total.

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