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Welcome to your Quiz: Grant Fundraising

What types of foundation are likely to have funding available for applications?
Which sector received the largest number of grants from foundations in 2008?
What has been suggested to be the most important aspect of the process in foundation fundraising?
In order to find the right foundations to seek grants from, nonprofits should look at the match in which area(s)?
Foundations rarely fund overhead costs.
Which one of the following organizations is the most comprehensive resource for information related to foundations in the United States?
Where can you most likely find access to Foundation Center’s Foundation Directory Online free of charge?
What is the function of the executive summary in a grant application?
What information should one provide in the “Organizational Expertise” section of a grant proposal?
What should be included in the direct costs section of the budget in a grant proposal?
True or False? In-kind contributions from entities other than your target founder should be cited in a grant application.
What is a grant cycle?

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