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Welcome to your Quiz: Donor Retention and Loyalty

A 10% improvement in the level of loyalty can increase the lifetime value of the fundraising database by around
In the United States what percentage of newly acquired donors presently offer a second gift?
True or false – in the context of loyalty – prospects are really only responders with a general interest in the cause?
What is the single biggest driver of donor loyalty?
Donors who indicate they are very satisfied with the quality of service provided are how many times more likely to be giving next year than donors who indicate they are merely satisfied?
Which of the following is not a driver of donor commitment
In measuring donor satisfaction it is important to consider
True or False? Relationship fundraising may be defined as  ‘An approach to the management of the process of donor exchange based on the long term value that can accrue to the organization.’
Lifetime value analysis can be used to drive four key management decisions. Which of the following is not one of these decisions?
RFV analysis is

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