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Welcome to your Quiz: Assessing Fundraising Performance

True or False? The ratio of fundraising and administration (i.e. management and general expense) costs to total expenditure is termed the FACE ratio.
True or False? In the United States, nonprofits above a certain size have historically had to file an annual Form 980 return with the IRS
Cordes and Wilson (2000), identified that ________ of nonprofits receiving direct public contributions did not report any fundraising expenses at all.
In the U.S, Rooney et al (2003) identified that it costs an average of ____ cents to raise a dollar.
True or False? The cost of raising  $1 is a reasonably good way of comparing performance between organizations.
Which of the following is NOT a cause of variation in the cost per dollar raised?
True or False? ROI = Return On Investment = funds raised as a percentage of direct costs of fund raising.
True or False? Fundratios is a UK study of aggregate fundraising ratios.
Which of the following is NOT a flaw of the payback period as a method of investment appraisal?
True or False? Profitability Index = Present Value of Future Cash Flows / Total Value of Investment

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