Quiz: Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector

Welcome to your Quiz: Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector (USA)

If you are studying in the USA - answer the following:

Which of the follow is NOT used to describe the ‘third sector’?
True or False? The main difference between the private sector and the non-profit sector is that non-profit organizations do not have to pay any taxes to the IRS under United States Tax Code.
In order to qualify as a 501c3 non-profit organization, an organization has to pass the following three tests:
True or False? There are two divisions of 501c3 organizations: public charities or private foundations.
Organizations with more than ________in gross receipts must complete an annual report using the IRS Tax Form 990 or a Form 990EZ.
According to the chapter, what accounts for the majority of revenues for non-profit organizations?
True or False? According to the Giving USA 2009 report, philanthropic contributions decreased significantly due to the economic crisis.
In the U.S, which of the following organizations does not qualify for 501(c)3 status?
True or False? A nonprofit organization may be constituted as either a trust or a nonprofit corporation under U.S. federal law.
True or False? In the United States a charity is a distinct legal entity.

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