Quiz: Bequests / Legacies

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In the United States, bequests account for around ___% of overall charitable giving?
True or False? In the United States the annual mortality rate will treble in the coming forty year.
According to a recent survey by Findlaw, what percentage of Americans presently do not have a will?
Which of the following is NOT a trigger for will making by individuals?
Which of the following is NOT a barrier to will making identified by Finch and Mason (2000)?
True or False? Bequest pledgers spend significantly more time reading communications from their nonprofit than non-pledgers?
A pecuniary bequest is a bequest where
An organization’s best bequest prospects will be donors who...
According to data from the NCPG (now Partnership for Philanthropic Planning) what percentage of donors who notify a nonprofit of their bequest intentions report being treated any differently as a consequence?
When writing a bequest solicitation, it is optimal to use language that is:

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